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Revised, Expanded and Updated.
Paul Downings first release of this book back in 1992 was the pinnacle of its class for the time, but this new edition explains points in a much more understanding language.
His methodology in the valuation of opal is very easy to follow and apply.
This is an extremely valuable book for all gemologists and valuers.


A very apt title for Stephen Aracic's latest book.
This is basically a bibliography of the facinating life of Stephen Aracic. His struggle for freedom from Marshall Tito's regime in socialist Yugoslavia, to his present day life at the town of Lighning Ridge in outback Australia.
He tells of his early life in Bosnia as a child and becoming a young man; his determination to escape the poverty and miserable existence. Free of his oppresive homeland he emigrates to Australia, and once here he makes a new life for himself.

An extremley interesting read.




'This is a view across the "Smith's 6" opal field in Lightning Ridge showing mullock heaps scattered about.
To the left is a machine mounted on a truck, this is called a blower. It is like a super vacuum cleaner which sucks up the opal dirt from the floor of the mine to the surface .
It is then dumped into a tip truck and taken to the agitators for washing.'

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